Our man in the jungle

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Original title Our man in the jungle
Amazon mission
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1985
length 96 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Rudolf Steiner
Peter Stripp
script Peter Stripp
production Rudolf Steiner
music Manfred Huebler
camera Helge Weindler
cut Sybille Windt

Our man in the jungle (video title: Amazonas Mission ) is a German feature film from 1985 . The cinema premiere took place on June 11, 1987. The premiere on German television followed on August 3, 1988 on ARD.


In the adventure film, Armin Mueller-Stahl plays the German engineer Lutz Kehlmann, who is supposed to lead a dam project in South America. His predecessor died surprisingly. When Kehlmann flies over the area that is to be sacrificed for the dam together with a high-ranking military man, her helicopter crashes and the engineer wakes up injured as the only survivor in the jungle.


Rudolf Steiner shot the film together with screenwriter Peter Stripp in Ecuador . The story of the German engineer is told in calm pictures and long shots. The image that the adventure film paints of the jungle inhabitants fluctuates between supporters of voodoo cults and the good savage who prefers the simple life in the untouched nature of civilization.


  • TV feature film: "The topic of 'ecological exploitation' as an alibi for a bland crime thriller."

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