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As vaporware be products referred to their completion or delivery has been postponed several times or long time or never realized. The term is used especially for delays in computer games.


The term vapor comes from English and means " steam ". German paraphrases are “nothing but hot air” or “much ado about nothing”. The term became popular when Infoworld magazine, published by the International Data Group , presented the Golden Vaporware Award to Bill Gates in November 1985 at the Alexic Hotel in Las Vegas for delaying Microsoft Windows 1.0 .

Vaporware Awards

The Vaporware Award is a negative price for hardware or software products that have been announced but not completed by the specified time . The US magazine Wired has published the list of the ten most popular vaporware products among its readers every year since 1996. A well-known award winner is Duke Nukem Forever , a game that was announced in 1997 and was a multiple Vaporware of the Year title holder from Wired magazine until its actual release in 2011.



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