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Since 2005, the legal trade journal Consumer and Law (VuR) has been summarizing relevant information from the areas of financial services , insurance , consumer credit, telecommunications , health, European law and policy, insolvency law and travel law on a monthly basis .

The magazine aims to offer a comprehensive overview of European and German consumer law that has been prepared for practical use and to bundle knowledge from thematically scattered areas. She works with the consumer organizations Consumer Agency Bundesverband e. V. (vzbv) and the Association of Insured Persons (BdV) together.

The editors are Sascha Borowski, Christoph Brömmelmeyer , Tobias Brönneke, Dörte Busch, Peter Derleder , Stefan Ernst, Carsten Föhlisch, Axel Halfmeier, Günter Hirsch , Günter Hörmann, Wolfhard Kothe , Arne Maier, Rainer Metz, Peter Rott, Martin Schmidt-Kessel , Hans -Peter Schwintowski , Astrid Stadler , Marina Tamm, Achim Tiffe, Klaus Tonner , Franziska Weber and Helga Zander-Hayat.

The journal's editors are Peter Rott and Arne Maier.

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