Wallingford Treaty

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The Treaty of Wallingford of 1153 , also known as the Treaty of Winchester or Treaty of Westminster was an agreement between the English King Stephen and his cousin Matilda , with the civil war over the succession of Henry I was terminated.

With the contract, Stephan recognized Matilda's son Heinrich Plantagenet as heir, while Stephan was to keep the crown until his death.

Stephan had castles built near Wallingford to attack Matilda's partisan Brian FitzCount , who was sitting at Wallingford Castle . Heinrich, in turn, attacked these castles and a battle between the two sides was expected.

In this situation, William d'Aubigny, 1st Earl of Arundel , managed to convey the pointlessness of further fighting. An armistice was agreed that drove Stephen's son Eustach of Boulogne into the resistance. After Eustach's sudden death in August 1153, a more formal treaty based on this armistice appears to have been negotiated in Winchester in November 1153 , which was later signed in Westminster .


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