Viscount weight

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The Vicomte weight (French: Poids de Vicomté), in the literature Vicomtey weight , was a French weight used in Rouen . It differed from the commercial weight in its slightly larger pound weight. It was ½ an ounce and 6/25 heavier than the mark weight .

  • 1 Viscount weight = 10,800 As (Dutch = 0.048 grams) = 518.4 grams (after 10,592 As = 509.086 grams)

The comparison:

  • 1 quintal = 100 pound viscount weight = 104 pound mark weight = 108 pound mark weight for wool (after 11,009.4 As = 528.666 grams)

The iron or lead weights were graduated in 104; 52; 16 and 13 pounds. They limited the range of use of the viscount weight down to 13 pounds. Less than 13 pounds everything went according to the mark weight.


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