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Vladivoj , also Lambert (* around 981 ; † 1003 ) was Duke of Bohemia in the years 1002-1003 .

In older research he was referred to as a member of the Polish ruling family of the Piasts , but this is not supported by the sources. It is more likely that he was related to the Přemyslids , either as a member of a sideline or as the youngest son of Duke Boleslav I. After the fall of Boleslav III. In the middle of 1002 the Polish King Bolesław I appointed him as Duke of Bohemia. In November 1002 he secured the support of the German King Heinrich II in the Bavarian capital Regensburg by being the first Duke of Bohemia to be transferred as a fief . As a result, Bohemia was regarded as part of the Holy Roman Empire from that time on. Vladivoj died shortly afterwards in January 1003, according to sources from excessive alcohol consumption .


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Individual evidence

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