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A gelding is a male, castrated horse , camel , New World camelid (e.g. llama , alpaca ) or a similar donkey .

Since stallions are difficult to integrate into a herd of horses due to their pronounced sex drive , they are usually castrated ( laid ) at around two years of age . Geldings are more sociable than stallions and can be easily integrated into a herd. This is especially important in today's horse keeping , as most horses are in the hands of amateurs. Racehorses are seldom neutered so that if they are successful they can later be used for breeding, which is a very profitable business.

Word origin

The derivation of the term Wallach is controversial. Sometimes it is stated that it derives from the region of Wallachia . This meaning is said to have arisen because the castration of stallions was first carried out by eastern peoples.


Outdated terms for a blended horse are Mönch, Minch, Münch and Munich.

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