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Coordinates: 44 ° 0 ′ 0 ″  N , 25 ° 0 ′ 0 ″  E

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Regions of Romania. Wallachia in yellow

The Wallachia , Romanian outdated Valahia ; Țara Românească or Țara Rumânească ( German  for 'Romanian Land' ) is a historical landscape in the south of today's Romania .

Wallachia, as a historical landscape, is made up of Little Wallachia ( Oltenia ) in the west and Great Wallachia ( Muntenia ) in the east.

History of Wallachia

For the origin of the word see Wallachia . For the history of Wallachia see Principality of Wallachia .


Wallachia is bordered in the north by the Southern Carpathians and in the south by the Danube , which is also the border with Bulgaria . The river Olt divides it into the Great Wallachia ( Muntenia ) in the east and the Little Wallachia ( Oltenia ) in the west. The Wallachian Plain merges into the Getic Plateau and this in turn merges into the Getic Subcarpathian Mountains .

The largest city in Wallachia is the Romanian capital, Bucharest .

Other uses of the term Wallachia

The Romanian-speaking areas of Greece were also called Wallachia, see Megalovlachia . The Moravian Wallachia ( Czech Valassko ) got its name from the late Middle Ages immigrant Vlachs , which were not fully assimilated.

In some regions of Germany and Austria, Wallachia is also used colloquially as an expression for a distant region or an abandoned, inhospitable area, literally as it is real (from a German or Austrian perspective): behind the Carpathian Mountains . In this sense, Wallachia is the unachieved destination of the journey in the also filmed novel Tschick by Wolfgang Herrndorf .

Walchwil , a municipality in the canton of Zug , is given the name Wallachia during the carnival there .

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