Walter Schellenberg (soccer player)

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Walter Schellenberg (born February 4, 1923 ) is a former German soccer player. For ZSG, BSG Stahl und Motor Altenburg , he played in the GDR Oberliga , the top division of GDR football , in 1951 and 1952 .

Athletic career

When in 1950 in the second half of the East Zone League, the later GDR Oberliga, at the Central Sports Association (ZSG) Altenburg, the attacking regular Günther Hercher had to be replaced, the 27-year-old newcomer Walter Schellenberg stepped in for two games. Already on his first appearance he scored the first goal of his beginning successful scoring career. However, he had to wait almost a year before he came to his next assignments in the Altenburg team. This opportunity arose in 1951 at the beginning of the second half of the season, in which the previous ZSG competed as the company sports community (BSG) steel in the now also renamed GDR league. Schellenberg came to the team as a replacement for the long-term striker Karl Friedemann , for whom Schellenberg played all 17 point games in the second half of the season. He immediately turned out to be a valuable alternative, as he made it to the team's top scorer with his eleven goals. He also proved his consistency and accuracy in the 1951/52 season, when he was missing only once in the 36 league games and was again the top scorer with 14 goals. However, he could not prevent the relegation of Altenburger and had to play in the second-rate GDR league with the BSG, which started as Motor Altenburg at the beginning of the 1952/53 season . Until 1955 Schellenberg was one of the cornerstones of BSG Motor. In the three seasons he played 66 of the 76 league games and was also a successful goalscorer with 37 goals. When a transition round was held in autumn 1955 to switch from the summer-spring game rhythm to the calendar year season in GDR football, Schellenberg was used in all the 13 games of the GDR league and scored the most goals for Altenburg with six goals . In the 1956 season he was able to complete 19 of the 26 league games, but scored only one goal. After nine point games and three goals, 34-year-old Walter Schellenberg said goodbye to high-class football at the end of 1957. Within seven years he had played 54 league games in which he scored 26 goals. In the GDR league, he was used in 107 games and scored 47 goals.


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