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Alexander Shorokhoff is a German luxury watch manufacturer from Alzenau , Bavaria , who manufactures mechanical wristwatches and sells them worldwide.

In 2014, annual sales were estimated at 1,100 watches.

Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture

legal form GmbH
founding 1992
Seat Alzenau, Bavaria
management Alexander Shorokhov (CEO)
Number of employees 15 (2017)
Branch Watch manufacture


The founder and head of the company is Alexander Shorokhov, who was born in Moscow in 1960 . During his civil engineering apprenticeship , he also studied architecture . Due to his good performance and his commitment, he was sent to Germany with 20 other managers in 1991, following an agreement between the then Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl and the then Russian President Mikhail Gorbatschow . There he should get to know and study the free market economy at the Hessian Ministry of Economics. A year later he founded a watch sales company for the most important Russian watch brand " Poljot " at the time in order to enable Europe-wide marketing. In 1994 he established his own watch brand with Poljot-International. However, in order to be able to live up to his claim to be able to manufacture watches of the highest quality and above all in-house, he founded the Alexander Shorokhoff watch manufacture under his own name in Alzenau, Bavaria, in 2003.
Although his name is Shorokhov, he insisted on adding two "f" s to the name of his manufactory to honor his Russian origins and the history of the brand.


The first model of the Avantgarde collection: "Miss Avantgarde" (2011)
The first model of the Avantgarde collection: the "Miss Avantgarde" (2011)

The designs of the clocks are inspired by art and cultural history from around the world. Many watch models are limited unique items from three collections : The "Heritage" collection is dedicated to the Russian art and cultural heritage of the 19th century. The "Avantgarde" collection symbolizes Russian suprematism . The "60", which can be found on the dial instead of the common "12", is exceptional. The collection is inspired not only by Russian but also by European art and culture. The "Vintage" collection is its own collection, but it is located within the "Avantgarde" line. The specialty of the collection is the exclusive use of vintage movements from Russian and Swiss productions.


In addition to the models "Miss Avantgarde" (2014) and "Babylonian I" (2015) nominated for the German Design Award , the models "Barbara" (2016) and "Winter" (2017) won the German Design Award with the title "Special Mention " and. The "Camomile" model was the German Design Council awarded the German Design Award "Winner" 2018th The "Regulator AS.R02-1" took third place in category A in the readers' competition for the " Goldene Unruh 2017".


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