The new football week

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The new football week
description Trade journal
Area of ​​Expertise Sports / soccer
language German
publishing company Sports publishing house Berlin ( GDR )
First edition October 11, 1949
attitude February 15, 1993
Frequency of publication weekly
ISSN (print)

The magazine Die Neue Fußballwoche , abbreviated as fuwo , was a weekly trade magazine in the GDR . In addition to the German Sportecho , it was the sports newspaper with the highest circulation.


It was first published on October 11, 1949. The New Football Week was published every Tuesday at a price of 50 pfennigs and was already available in East Berlin on Monday afternoon . Initially, the newspaper was published by the sports journalists from the Berlin sports publisher Hans Jarke and Werner Caßbaum . Later the publisher was the German Football Association of the GDR.

The fuwo was published by the Berliner Sportverlag . It reported extensively on the GDR Oberliga and the GDR League , published the current table status in the 15 district leagues and provided information about international football. The editors devoted extensive reports and analytical considerations to the games of the GDR Oberliga and did not spare criticism of the playful achievements. This found expression in extensive statistical evaluations, u. a. The fuwo regularly created - at the winter break and after the end of the season - a list of the best players in the major league based on their ratings, with which the performance of the players was rated between 0 (lowest value) and 10 (highest value). In the GDR, the magazine awarded Footballer of the Year from 1963 to 1991 . The voters, however, were not the readers, but the sports departments of the daily newspapers, while the readers were supposed to predict their choice. Once in 1972, the league clubs in the GDR played for the Fuwo Cup .

From the 1969/70 season to the 1989/90 season, "special editions" appeared in August for the new football season with presentations of the major league teams (from 1981 in a different format than the weekly magazine and with a four-color cover on glossy paper). For the 1991/92 and 1992/93 seasons, special editions for the new Bundesliga season were published, as well as a special issue for the 1992 European Championship . For the last season of the GDR Oberliga 1990/91 there was no special fuwo edition, but for this season the special edition of the kicker was published with a corresponding colored extra section on the Oberliga, which was only included in the copies sold in the GDR territory. In 1991, "That was our football in the east" was a special edition with a retrospective on GDR football.

On January 1, 1993, fuwo was taken over by the kicker sports magazine and initially continued as a subscription newspaper with a double title "fuwo / kicker", but was discontinued after seven issues. The last issue appeared on February 15, 1993.


The " Berliner Fußballwoche " published in the Berlin area has nothing to do with the East German fuwo. It appeared in West Berlin before the Second World War and after 1945 . Their existence is probably the reason why fuwo from the sports publisher was prefixed with the word “new”.


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