Viktor Ivanovich Krjukov (ski jumper)

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Viktor Kryukov Ski jumping
nation Soviet Union 1955Soviet Union Soviet Union
birthday 20th century
status resigned
Ski jumping world cup / A class jumping
 Four Hills Tournament 9. ( 1964/65 )

Viktor Ivanovich Krjukow ( Russian Виктор Иванович Крюков ) is a former Soviet ski jumper .


Krjukow made his international debut at the Four Hills Tournament in 1964/65 . In the opening competition on the Schattenbergschanze in Oberstdorf he only reached 49th place, before he jumped to sixth place on the Bergiselschanze in Innsbruck after skipping the jumping in Garmisch-Partenkirchen . At the end of the tour, Krjukow jumped third place on the Paul-Ausserleitner-Schanze in Bischofshofen to his first and only podium of his career. He was able to achieve ninth place in the overall standings. During his second Four Hills Tournament in 1967/68 he was unable to build on this success. He did not achieve any top positions and ended up on 41st place overall.


Four Hills Tournament placements

season space Points
1964/65 09. 791.0
1967/68 41. 691.9

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