Wolfgang Schulz (Pedagogue)

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Wolfgang Schulz (born November 9, 1929 ; † 1993 ) was a German pedagogue and professor of didactics in Hamburg .

After completing his studies, he became an assistant to Paul Heimann at the University of Education in Berlin . There he then became teacher pictures and seminar leader in the teacher preparation service. From 1977 he worked as a professor of educational science in the largest educational science department in the Federal Republic of Germany in Hamburg.

With Paul Heimann and Gunter Otto he developed the Berlin model of general didactics, which saw itself as an alternative to Wolfgang Klafki's educational theory didactics . Schulz took his criticism seriously, that there was a deficit in the normative justification of the teaching goals, and developed the concept further into the Hamburg model (1980). He renamed the model from a learning theoretical to a teaching theoretical didactics. The two didactic schools have thus grown closer together.

Wolfgang Schulz was a member of the SPD in the Hamburg parliament .


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