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The World Seido Karate Organization (Sekai Seido Karatedō Renmei) was founded by Karate Grand Master Tadashi Nakamura in 1976 in New York . In Germany, this world association is hardly represented with only three dōjōs in Hesse and one dojo in Saxony.

History of Seido Karate

Nakamura (9th Dan ) was the best student of Ōyama Masutatsu , the founder of Kyokushinkai Karate, and was to be his successor until he left in 1976 . After his separation from Oyama he was made persona non grata and even removed from Oyama's publications (he wrote some karate books in which Nakamura was depicted as a student).

Nakamura also calls his style Ningen Karate , which means something like human karate . The philosophical pillars on which he bases his style are love, respect and obedience . In Seido Karate, handicapped students also get the chance to learn karate (for example blind or physically and mentally disabled people) and to successfully follow the path of karate.


The examination program in Seido Karate at the elementary school ( Kihon Waza ) includes techniques that also occur in this form at Kyokushinkai, but the Kyokushinkai program has been expanded to include 5 Seido Katas, self-defense combinations and elementary school techniques. The Dan grades also deal with , and Sai .


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