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Xandros is a company that has a same name, on Debian -based, Linux distribution produced. The name Xandros was derived from the term “ X Window System ” and the Greek island “ Andros ”.


Xandros was founded in 2001 and is based in New York and Ottawa, Ontario. Xandros bought Corel Linux and developed it further after Corel gave up its Linux businesses in August 2001 and left the distribution market.

Andreas Typaldos is the Chief Executive Officer of Xandros. Xandros co-founder and chairman Frederick H. Berenstein passed away on September 6, 2005.

Xandros is a founding member of the DCC Alliance and has been a member of the OSDL since 2006 , where it is particularly involved in the Desktop Working Group (DTL). After Novell , Xandros signed a cooperation agreement with Microsoft in 2007 . On June 30, 2008, former Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony announced the sale of the company to Xandros on his blog.


Xandros Desktop

Xandros Desktop is able to run Windows programs through the CrossOver software , which forwards calls to Windows libraries to similar libraries that CrossOver brings.

The deluxe version also includes a user manual and 60 days of email support included in the price.

The Surfside Linux edition includes the user manual, 30 days of e-mail support and internet software such as Skype with a suitable USB headset.

The graphical appearance of Xandros Desktop is also closely based on Windows. Similar products are Lycoris and Linspire .

Xandros Business Desktop

The Xandros Business Desktop includes software support for Active Directory and SMP and hyperthreading support that can speed up the execution of some programs. It also contains tools for administration within companies or institutes and 90 days of e-mail support.


Presto is a slim, quick-start operating system with the Xfce desktop environment , which can be installed within Windows (from XP) and its partition. It was introduced in 2009. It integrates a service for obtaining new software via the Internet with the click-and-run system (CNR) bought out with Linspire for simple one-click installations of software packages.

Xandros Open Circulation Edition

Finally, the Xandros Open Circulation Edition is a free, reusable edition for non-commercial use. It contains artificial restrictions, for example the CD-ROM burning speed is limited to four times in the Xandros File Manager . CrossOver is not included, there are no technical support services and no manual. Some of the included programs, such as the Mozilla Firefox web browser , are also out of date.

Server operating systems

The current beta version of the Xandros Small Business Server (xSBS) supports the Apache and Samba servers . These servers work with Linux and Windows environments. A Xandros Desktop Management Server (xDMS) will also be sold in 2007 . The Xandros server has been available since May 1, 2006 and is intended to appeal to inexperienced administrators.

Software used in the products

The Xandros user interface uses a modified version of the K Desktop Environment : the Konqueror (the combined file manager and browser) was used to develop its own Xandros file manager. KDE has been modified to be similar to Microsoft Windows.

An adapted Xandros is preinstalled on the Asus Eee PC .

Package management

According to the manufacturer, the package management is based on Debians .


version date
1.0 October 22, 2002
1.1 July 28, 2003
2.0 December 16, 2003
2.5 July 26, 2004
3.0 December 8, 2004
3.1 November 15, 2005
4.0 June 21, 2006
4.1 November 28, 2006
4.2 July 26, 2007


According to DistroWatch, 4.2 was the last version of Xandros. This distribution is no longer being developed, the official forum and website have been discontinued.

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