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The Yasuda Park: 1 Ryōgaku kōkaidō, 2 Shinji-tei, 3 Shioiri-chaya, 4 former connection to Sumida (S), 5 Komadome inari

The Yasuda Garden ( Japanese 旧 安 田 庭園, Kyū Yasuda-teien ) is the garden that belonged to the villa of the wealthy Yasuda Zenjirō (1836-1921), founder of Yasuda-Zaibatsu , in the Sumida district , Tokyo .

The garden

The small convertible garden was created in the Genroku period (1688-1704) by the Honjō clan of Miyazu-han in the Tango province within the sub-residence. Later the land came to the Ikeda from Bizen , after which Yasuda bought it. After his death, the property was donated to the city of Tokyo. After the Great Kantō earthquake and the Second World War, the city gave the plant to the Sumida district , which put the plant in order and reopened it as the district's garden.

A special feature of the garden was that it drew its water from the nearby Sumida River and took over its different water levels due to the slight ebb and flow of the tide. As a result, the bank contours of the shallow pond changed constantly.

The connection to the Sumida River no longer exists. For this, the changes in the water level in the garden are achieved today with the help of pumps. Despite its small size, the garden is still a green oasis in the middle of the city.



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