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Yes Torty , Yes-Törtchen or Yes for short, is the brand name of an industrially manufactured confectionery (according to the manufacturer Nestlé a cake bar ) with a weight of 38 grams in the past and 32 grams today.

YES Torty Cacao
YES Torty Caramel
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It was launched in Germany in 1981; In the 1980s, Yes Torty was advertised intensively with television commercials . They displayed the product as a small birthday cake with a candle on top, true to the advertising slogan Small cake instead of many words (1990, McCann Erickson agency ). The previous slogan was: Say yes to yes. (1981-1990, agency unknown).

Investigations by the WDR television magazine Servicezeit from January 5, 1998 found 0.25 percent by weight alcohol in Nestlé Yes-Törtchen, Caramel . At the time, Nestlé stated that "[...] the [...] small amounts of alcohol are comparable with those in foods such as fruit juices , bread , kefir , and are nutritionally negligible."

Hiring and factory closure

After Aldi and other discount supermarkets took Yes, along with other branded goods, out of their range in 1999 and instead relied on no-name products , sales of Yes products fell sharply. In the end, the production volume was 4,000  tons per year, after around 13,000 tons at peak times.

In 2003 Yes, which was only manufactured in Berlin in the former Sarotti plant, was withdrawn from the market because production had become unprofitable. Since Yes production comprised a third of the plant's total production, the cessation of Yes production also meant the demise of the Nestlé production site in Berlin , which had once been the largest chocolate factory in the world.


From October 2007 to October 2010 the Yes Torty was on the market several times for a planned short time. However, the new Yes tartlets have only weighed 32 grams since at least 2008.

Since April 2011, the Yes Torty has been permanently available again after a long break. Nestlé and the Soest biscuit company Kuchenmeister have decided to cooperate to revitalize the old Nestlé brand Yes Torty. In the course of the launch, Kuchenmeister took over production and sales, while Nestlé is in charge of brand management. In addition, the hazelnut variant has also been available since 2013, in 2014 the strawberry yoghurt and black & white flavors, amaretto in 2017 and raspberry buttermilk in 2018 . In 2020 the Yes Blueberry variety came onto the market.

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