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Yotsuba &! ( Japanese. よ つ ば と! , Yotsuba to!, German "Yotsuba and / with ...!") is a manga series by the Japanese artist Kiyohiko Azuma (including Azumanga Daioh ). In contrast to Azumanga Daioh , Yotsuba &! not a collection of Yonkoma comic strips, but rather has a continuous narrative style. The manga tells episodes of the everyday life ( slice of life ) of a little girl named Yotsuba.


Little Yotsuba ( よ つ ば ) moves to town with her father, Yōsuke Koiwai ( 小 岩 井 葉 介 ). She is a very bright, curious, strange and happy child at the age of 5 and even her single father, who adopted the little one, calls her crazy. She also doesn't know about the simplest things that children at that age should already know, such as doorbells and escalators. She doesn't even know a swing in the playground. Her new neighbors are the Ayase family with their three sisters: the student Asagi Ayase ( 綾 瀬 あ さ ぎ ), the 16-year-old Fuuka Ayase ( 綾 瀬 風 香 ) and the fourth grader Ena Ayase ( 綾 瀬 恵 那 ). She experiences everyday adventures with her father, the Ayase sisters and Mr. Koiwai's friend, the 2.10 m tall Takashi "Jumbo" Takeda ( ジ ャ ン ボ , 竹田 隆 ) and Ena's friend Miura Hayasaka ( 早 坂 み う ら ).


Yotsuba &! has been published in Japan since March 2003 in individual chapters in the Manga magazine Comic Dengeki Daiō . The Media Works publishing house has also published these individual chapters in 14 anthologies so far. By the end of April 2018, the series had sold more than 16.7 million copies, including 13.7 million in Japan and 3 million internationally.

In Germany, the manga has been published by Tokyopop since February 2007 in 14 volumes.

The manga was published in the USA (at ADV Manga ), but discontinued after five volumes. After Yen Press acquired the license in 2009, they reissued the first 5 volumes and published them simultaneously with the 6th volume.

Try! Try! Try!

In 1998, Azuma published a one-shot manga and two webcomics called Try! Try! Try! , in which Yotsuba, her father (who is not mentioned by name) and the three Ayase sisters appear for the first time, where Fuuka has a different spelling of the name ( 風 夏 ), but with the same pronunciation, also a different appearance and a different one Possesses character.


The manga won the Prize for Excellence at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2006 and was nominated for the Osamu Tezuka Culture Prize in 2008, but had to admit defeat to Masayuki Ishikawa's Moyashimon . The US American magazine Publishers Weekly named the English translation one of the twenty best comics of 2005.

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