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Coronation meal of Joseph II in Frankfurt am Main

A ceremony ( Austria [ tsɛrɛˈmoːni̯ɛ ]; Switzerland and Germany also [ tsɛrɛmonˈiː ]; from Latin caeremonia "celebration, solemn act") is a formal-solemn act that proceeds according to a fixed protocol or rite . In a ceremony, there are usually certain rituals or predetermined actions take place, which are often symbolic . The rules by which a ceremony usually takes place are also known as ceremonial .

Ceremonies often take place in public or in front of an audience in a representative setting, but they can also take place in a private setting. They are at home in the religious and sacred area ( cult and worship ) as well as in the secular area (e.g. court ceremonies , state ceremonies ). Many ceremonies go back to long-standing traditions .

A master of ceremonies is an official or other servant who plans and organizes the course of a ceremony and ensures during the event that the prescribed rules are observed and the intended actions are carried out in the prescribed form and order.

Pronunciation of the word

The word ceremony can be stressed in German either after the French pronunciation on the last (Zeremo nie ) or after the Latin pronunciation on the penultimate syllable (Zere mo nie) . The final syllable stress is usually preferred. In Austria , however, only the stress on the penultimate syllable is common. In the case of compositions with ceremony as a determinative word, however, the penultimate syllable is generally stressed, e.g. B. Zere mo nienmeister Zere mo niengewand .


Ceremonies often refer to a beginning or an end (“ rite of passage ”), e.g. B.

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