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A carpentry is a timber construction company that also carries out additional fields of activity such as stair construction and roofing .

In a carpentry shop, carpenters mostly work on wooden structures , wooden structures and components. The main material used is solid wood (sawn timber, veneers, etc.). Nowadays, other panel materials and plastics as well as aluminum are also processed.

A carpentry shop is divided into the following areas: machine hall, joinery hall or joinery area and, if necessary, storage area for stacking and drying sawn timber.

Other meanings

Carpentry can also summarize the activities of carpenters, i.e. the craft or trade or the professional profile of the carpenter.

Individual evidence

  1. See Duden online: Carpentry
  2. The Austrian Federal Ministry for Science, Research and Economy describes the job description under the heading Job name: Carpentry . This avoids a specification in the form of carpenter or carpenter .