Two-channel sound (tape)

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Two-channel sound
The brothers duo Zweikanalton live at the MusikFestiWels 2019
The brothers duo Zweikanalton live at the MusikFestiWels 2019
General information
origin Eidenberg, Austria
founding 2014
Current occupation
Piano, vocals
Markus Danninger
Guitar, vocals
Thomas Danninger
Thomas Reinholz

Zweikanalton is an Austrian band from Linz , which since 2014 consists of the brothers Markus Danninger (born January 7, 1995 in Linz) and Thomas Danninger (born April 21, 1997 in Linz).

Band history

The two brothers began their music careers on YouTube at the age of 13. The band released their first single It feels like flying in 2014, which resulted in the first radio plays and other media appearances.

In 2017 the musicians from Zweikanalton released the songs Momente and their Christmas single Wunder .

On September 9, 2017, two-channel tones, the most famous release to date, Zukunfts-Ich followed. The song received airplay in Austria's radio stations as well as media coverage in TV and print. With their video, the two brothers reached thousands of fans and made it live to the Ö3 Christmas miracle . The von Zweikanalton brothers also performed live in front of great musicians such as Andreas Gabalier or at festivals with Seiler and Speer on stage.

In March 2018, the von Zweikanalton brothers received the Steiger Award in the category of young talent in Germany, which artists such as Tim Bendzko , Tokio Hotel and US5 have received . In the same month the two made it to the finals of the Lautstark! Music contest in Upper Austria.

The musicians sing pop music with German lyrics and made it to a sold-out audience of 10,000 visitors at the winter party in Seefeld, Tyrol .

On May 25, 2018, her single was released, Without You Can That No Summer Being , which made it into the top 10 of the Ö3 Austro charts .

On January 18, 2019, the two brothers from Austria released their new single Domino .

On June 14th, 2019 Markus and Thomas released their new song Vegas & Madrid.

Her single Ey Katharina was released on January 17th, 2020 .



  • 2014: It feels like flying
  • 2017: moments
  • 2017: future me
  • 2017: miracle
  • 2018: Without you it can't be summer
  • 2019: Dominoes
  • 2019: Vegas & Madrid
  • 2020: Ey Katharina


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