'A'a lava

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Lumps of ʻAʻā lava after an eruption of Puʻu ʻŌʻō in June 1983
ʻAʻā lava flow at Kīlauea
Block lava field on Mt Cameroon

'A'ā Lava [ ʔɑʔɑː ] or Brockenlava (sometimes also: Zackenlava ) is different from the lava Types The zähflüssigste form. The name comes from the Hawaiian language and was introduced into geological terminology by Clarence Dutton . It means burning, fiery, stony . In Iceland the Brocken lava is called apalhraun .

During the solidification and partial crystallization of the melt flow, its crust breaks and leaves a surface that is interspersed with sharp-edged, irregularly shaped, jagged lumps and clods .

Compared to Pāhoehoe lava , ʻAʻā lava flows more slowly and is cooler; it is often located in the lower part of thin lava flows, because outgassing and cooling increase the viscosity . At the end of the stream it forms a steep front.

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