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Bridge over the Ölfusá near Selfoss

Bridge over the Ölfusá near Selfoss

location Southurland , Iceland
River system Ölfusá
source Hvítá and Sog
63 ° 59 ′ 20 ″  N , 20 ° 57 ′ 49 ″  W.
muzzle southwest of Selfoss in the Atlantic Coordinates: 63 ° 52 ′ 39 "  N , 21 ° 12 ′ 28"  W 63 ° 52 ′ 39 "  N , 21 ° 12 ′ 28"  W

length 25 km ( Angling accessed September 4, 2012)
Catchment area 5678 km² ( IMO; accessed September 4, 2012 )
Medium-sized cities Selfoss

The Ölfusá is a river in southern Iceland . It arises from the confluence of the two rivers Hvítá and Sog south of Þingvellir and flows from there into the Atlantic .

River course

Initially, the Ölfusá flows broadly at the foot of the Ingólfsfjall mountain , then becomes narrower towards the town of Selfoss and works its way through the Þjórsárhraun lava field in a 25 m wide and 9 m deep gorge .

Behind Selfoss the river widens noticeably and slows down until it almost comes to a standstill. Here it reaches a width of approx. 5 km. It is one of the widest estuaries in the country with significant tidal swell . You can also call this estuary a lagoon . Just before the actual estuary, the Óseyrarnes headland narrows the stream, which is much narrower here. A 360 m long bridge has been leading the estuary since 1988.

Most important dates

Together with the Þjórsá , the river is one of the most water-bearing rivers in the country. The average amount of water in summer is 330–470 m³ / s, in winter 300–500 m³ / s. The highest amount ever measured was 2,500 m³ / s. In a thaw the river can swell considerably.


As a result, the Ölfusá used to be a considerable obstacle to traffic. Ferries were only able to provide partial relief. The oldest bridge over the river was built at Selfoss in 1891 and stood there until 1944. It was replaced in 1945 by a newer one.

Fishing and angling

After all, the Ölfusá is also an important salmon river, in which one can also fish for trout.

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