List of rivers in Iceland

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On an island like Iceland , of course , rivers are not as long as rivers on the mainland. Even so, some Icelandic rivers are quite well known. None of the rivers are navigable. This is the list of the main rivers:

flow Total
in km
Part of the country



average summer
in m³ / s
Winter average
in m³ / s
highest ever measured
in m³ / s
in km²
Hvítá 185 South iceland in the glacial lake Hvítárvatn on Langjökull in the Atlantic Ocean
in South Iceland near Selfoss
Brúará , Tungufljót 100-180 50-110 2000 1644
Krossá 41 South iceland on Mýrdalsjökull in the Markarfljót
Kúðafljót 115 South iceland on Mýrdalsjökull in the Atlantic on the Mýrdalssandur between Álfataver and Meðalland Hólmsá , Tungufljót , Eldvatn 230 2000 2,400
100 South iceland on Mýrdalsjökull in the Atlantic west of Eyjafjallajökull near Hvolsvöllur Krossá 40-100 20-40 2100 1,070
Múlakvísl South iceland on Mýrdalsjökull in the Atlantic on the Mýrdalssandur between Hjörleifshöfði and Vík í Mýrdal 2500
Ölfusá 185 (with Hvítá) South iceland Confluence of the Sog and Hvítá not far from Selfoss in the Atlantic Suction , Hvítá 330-470 300-500 2500 6100
Öxará 17th South iceland from the lake Myrkvavatn between Leggjabrjótur and Búrfell near Þingvellir in the lake Þingvallavatn 100-180 50-110 45
Eystri-Rangá South iceland Rangárbotn, Rangvellingaafréttir below Tindfjallajökull in the Þverá (Rangárvallasýsla) 15-25 15-25 250
Skaftá 115 South iceland Skaftárjökull, valley glacier of Vatnajökull in the North Atlantic 1,500 1400
Skeiðará 30th South iceland Vatnajökull , Grímsvötn , Skeiðarárjökull in the North Atlantic 200 10 45,000 1600-1700
So-called 19th South iceland in Þingvallavatn Confluence with the Hvítá (Ölfusá) at Selfoss 105 105 378
Tungnaá 129 South iceland near Kerlingar on western Vatnajökull in the Þjórsá above the Búrfell power station 100-160 100-160 3040
230 South iceland Bergvatnskvíslar at Hofsjökull in the Atlantic between Stokkseyri and Hella Tungnaá 350-700 200-350 3000-4000 7530
Elliðaá 34 Reykjavík capital area in the mountain range of the Bláfjöll in Reykjavík / Elliðaárvogur 2-5 2.5-12 110 270
Hvítá (Borgarfjörður)
117 West iceland at Flosaskarð at Eiríksjökull in the Borgarfjörður
Norðurá (Hvítá) , Grímsá 70-90 60-100 500 1685
Norðurá (Hvítá) 62 West iceland on the Holtavörðuheiði at Stafholtstungur in the Hvítá (Borgarfjörður) 10-40 6-30 575
Þverá (Borgarfjörður) = Kjarrá 26th West iceland on the Tvídægra plateau in the Hvítá (Borgarfjörður)

Reykjadalsá (Borgarfjörður) 38 West iceland at the foot of the shield volcano Ok in the Hvítá (Borgarfjörður) 210
Dynjandisá Westfjords on the Dynjandisheiði in the Geirþjófsfjörður 2-8 1-4 10
Blanda 125 North Iceland on the Hofsjökull glacier at Blönduós in the bay of Húnaflói Svartá 40-90 20-30 550 2370
Eyjafjarðará 60 North Iceland in upper Eyjafjardardalur in Eyjafjörður south of Akureyri
Fnjóská 117 North Iceland in the highlands near the Sprengisandur at Laufás in Eyjafjörður 20-150 20-30 500
Glerá North Iceland in the upper Glerárdalur north of the Kerling mountain in Eyjafjörður near Akureyri
130 North Iceland Confluence of Austari-Jökulsá and Vestari-Jökulsá in the Skagafjörður 111 40 800 3650
Hofsá 85 North Iceland on the Jökuldalsheiði in the Vopnafjörður
Hörgá 50 North Iceland in Hörgárdalur in Eyjafjörður , not far from Dalvík
Jökulsá á Fjöllum
206 North Iceland at northern Vatnajökull (Brúarjökull) in the Öxarfjörður Arnardalsá , Kreppá 183 probably around 200,000 7380
Kreppa 60 North Iceland on the Brúarjökull in the Jökulsá á Fjöllum
Laxá í Aðaldal 93 North Iceland in Lake Mývatn in the bay of Skjálfandafljót Reykjadalsá 2150
Norðurá (Héraðsvötn) North Iceland on the Öxnadalsheiði and Hörgárdalsheiði in the Héraðsvötn 15th
178 North Iceland on the Vonarskarð below the Bárðarbunga south of Húsavík in the Skjálfandi bay Svartá , Sandá , Mjóadalsá 70-200 35-70 1000 3860
Lagarfljót 140 East Iceland in the upper Fljótsdalur at Eyjabakkajökull (Jökulsá á Fljótsdal) together with the Jökulsá á Brú in the bay Héraðsflói Grímsá, Eyvindursá 2900
Jökulsá á Brú = Jökulsá á Dal
150 East Iceland at Brúarjökull together with the Lagarfljót in the bay Héraðsflói Gilsá 200-500 15-70 1000 3700
(A) The river forms a river system and is subordinate to the Atlantic Ocean .
(F) The river forms a river system and Faxaflói and this are subordinate to the Atlantic Ocean .
(G) The river forms a river system and is subordinate to the Greenland Sea .