List of rivers in Portugal

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This list of rivers in Portugal contains the rivers of more than 100 km in length on the Iberian Peninsula - as long as they are not completely on Spanish soil.

Surname Length (km) River system
Tagus river 1007 Tagus river
Douro 897 Douro
Guadiana 829 Guadiana
Minho 340 Minho
Mondego 234 Mondego
Zezere 214 Tagus river
Sado 180 Sado
Vouga 148 Vouga
Odres 142.3 Douro
Tâmega 145 Douro
Lima 135 Lima
Cávado 135 Cávado
Côa 135 Douro
Águeda 130 Douro