List of rivers in Italy

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List of rivers in Italy , sorted by length and catchment area .

Rivers by length

The longest rivers that drain Italy are actually the Rhine with 1324 km , to which a few streams flow in the province of Sondrio , and the Drau with 749 km , which leaves Italy after just a few kilometers.

flow Length (km) region muzzle
Po 652 Piedmont , Lombardy , Emilia-Romagna , Veneto Adriatic
Etsch 410 Trentino-South Tyrol , Veneto Adriatic
Tiber 405 Emilia-Romagna , Tuscany , Umbria , Lazio Tyrrhenian Sea
Adda 313 Lombardy Po
Oglio 280 Lombardy Po
Tanaro 276 Piedmont , Liguria Po
Ticino 248 Switzerland , Piedmont , Lombardy Po
Arno 241 Tuscany Ligurian sea
Piave 220 Veneto Adriatic
Reno 211 Toscana , Emilia-Romagna Adriatic
Volturno 171 Molise , Campania Tyrrhenian Sea
Secchia 171 Emilia-Romagna , Lombardy Po
Tagliamento 170 Friuli Venezia Giulia Adriatic
Ombrone 171 Tuscany Tyrrhenian Sea
Brenta 160 Trentino-South Tyrol , Veneto Adriatic
Chiese 160 Trentino-South Tyrol , Lombardy Oglio
Dora Baltea 160 Aosta Valley , Piedmont Po

Rivers by catchment area



Northern Adriatic

Etsch and its tributaries


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Po and its tributaries

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Southern Adriatic

Ionian sea

South Tyrrhenian Sea

Tiber and its tributaries

Northern Tyrrhenian Sea

Rivers on the islands



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