Adda (river)

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Adda, rivière.png
location Lombardy , Italy
River system Po
Drain over Po  → Adriatic Sea
Source height 2235  m slm
muzzle At Crotta d'Adda in the Po coordinates: 45 ° 8 '4 "  N , 9 ° 52' 54"  E 45 ° 8 '4 "  N , 9 ° 52' 54"  E
Mouth height 32  m slm
Height difference 2203 m
Bottom slope 7 ‰
length 313 km
Catchment area 7979 km²
Outflow A Eo : 7979 km²
187 m³ / s
23.4 l / (s km²)
Left tributaries Brembo , Serio
Right tributaries Poschiavino , Mera
Flowing lakes Lake Como
Medium-sized cities Sondrio , Lecco , Lodi
Adda between Trezzo and Capriate

Adda between Trezzo and Capriate

The Adda River (ancient: Addua ) flows through Lombardy in Italy . It crosses Lake Como , leaves it at Lecco and flows into the Po about 10 km west of Cremona . With 313 km it is the fourth longest watercourse within the borders of Italy. During the river in the German language grammatically feminine as the Adda is referred to, he is in Italian language, despite ending in -a, like almost all the rivers in Italian masculine gender .


The Adda rises in the Valle Alpisella near Livigno at an altitude of 2235 meters in the Rhaetian Alps .

The upper Adda flows through the Valtellina for about 100 kilometers. There the river flows through Bormio , Tirano and Sondrio before flowing into Lake Como, of which it is the largest tributary. In the lower Valtellina, the flow of the Adda is greatly reduced by a hydropower plant owned by the Italian power producer Enel , which drains the water through an underground tunnel and brings it back to the surface 11 km downstream near Lake Como.

Larger places on the lower reaches are Lecco , Trezzo , Cassano d'Adda (where the river enters the flat part of the Po plain), Rivolta d'Adda , Lodi and Castelnuovo Bocca d'Adda , at the confluence with the Po. On September 16, 1983, two nature parks were created on the banks.

  • The Adda Nord Park, which stretches 54 km from Lecco to Truccazzano (provinces of Lecco , Bergamo , Monza, Brianza and Milan ).
  • The Adda South Park, which stretches for 60 km on the lower reaches of the river, from Rivolta d'Adda to its confluence with the Po ( Cremona and Lodi provinces ).

An Italian proverb reads: Il Po non sarebbe Po, se l 'Adda ed il Ticin non ci mettesser co' (= capo) (“The Po would not be Po, do not pour the Adda and Ticino into it”).


Its main feed from the melting glacier ice of Ortler , Bernina and Bergell leads to a maximum flow between June and July. Its average flow is estimated at 187 m³ / s.


Flaminius defeated the Gauls on the banks of the Adda in 223 BC. Chr. Theodoric defeated here Odoacer in 490.

The Trezzo Bridge over the river, built in 1377, was the largest arch bridge in the world at the time, with an arch span of 72 m. Their span was only exceeded at the end of the 18th century with the introduction of metal construction in the industrial revolution .

Up until the 18th century, the Adda formed the border between the Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice .

The valley of the upper reaches, the Valtellina , was a bone of contention between France and the Habsburgs during the Thirty Years War .

On April 27, 1799, the Russians and Austrians under Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov defeated the French in the Battle of the Adda .

Under Napoleon there was a Département de l'Adda in the Kingdom of Italy, north of the Serio department .

On July 28, 1987, an enormous landslide occurred in Valtellina , which completely destroyed the village of Morignone in the province of Sondrio . 27 people lost their lives, the river was temporarily dammed by the earth.


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