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Bergamo Province
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State : Italy
Region : Lombardy
Capital: Bergamo
Area : 2,722.86 km² ( 45th )
Residents : 1,116,384 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 410 inhabitants / km²
Number of municipalities: 243
License plate : BG
ISO-3166-2 identification : IT-BG
President: Gianfranco Gafforelli
Map of the province of Bergamo

The province of Bergamo ( Italian Provincia di Bergamo, in the local dialect Pruìnsa de Bèrghem ) is one of the twelve provinces of Lombardy . The capital is the city of Bergamo . The province borders north on the province of Sondrio , east on Brescia , south on Cremona , west on Milan , Monza and Brianza and Lecco and covers 2723 km².

The northern part of the country is characterized by the southern limestone and Dolomite Alps ( Bergamasque Alps , up to 3582 m high), which extend to the capital and between which the beautiful Seriana and Brembana valleys lie; the southern part belongs to the Lombard plain.

Among the rivers, the Serio and Brembo , which flow through the aforementioned valleys, and the Adda (on the southwest border) are the most important.

Lake Iseo , which the Oglio (from the Val Camonica ) flows through, lies on the eastern border . There are mineral springs in Trescore , San Pellegrino and other places.

The province has 1,116,384 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2019).



The higher regions are rich in pastures, but the once flourishing cattle breeding is now poor; In the plains and in the hilly region the cultivation of maize, vines and mulberry trees dominate. Grain, rice and flax are also grown in the province, which also contains quite a bit of forest. The hunt for game, but also for songbirds , is very popular here.


The minerals include iron, marble and excellent whetstones. In addition, the silk, metallurgical and cloth industries are an acquisition for the residents.

The internationally successful company Brembo Spa (manufacturer of brake systems) is also based in the province of Bergamo.

Largest communities

(As of December 31, 2015)

local community Residents
Bergamo 119.381
Treviglio 29,706
Seriate 25.182
Dalmine 23,281
Romano di Lombardia 20,217
albino 18,074
Caravaggio 16,049
Alzano Lombardo 13,636
Stezzano 13,018
Osio Sotto 12,443
Nembro 11,622
Ponte San Pietro 11,478
Cologno al Serio 11,133
Treviolo 10,682
Martinengo 10,448
Castelli Calepio 10,377

Individual evidence

  1. Statistiche demografiche ISTAT. Monthly population statistics of the Istituto Nazionale di Statistica , as of December 31 of 2019.

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