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Üben & Musieren - magazine for instrumental pedagogy and musical learning (custom spelling üben & musiegen is a magazine that is published six times a year by Schott Music in Mainz. The first edition appeared in 1983 with the help of Reinhart von Gutzeit, Richard Jakoby, Karl-Heinz Kämmerling , Ulrich Mahlert, Aurèle Nicolet , Igor Ozim and Christoph Richter. Üben & Musiegen is the only German-language specialist magazine specifically for instrumental teachers.

Editors and publishers

  • Supervising editors at Verlag Schott Music:
  • 1983–1989: Ingrid Hermann
  • 1990-1992: Rolf W. Stoll
  • 1993-2004: Andrea Raab
  • since 2004: Rüdiger Behschnitt
  • Co-editor: Ulrich Mahlert (since 1983), Reinhart von Gutzeit (1983 to 2019) and Barbara Busch (since 2019)
  • Permanent employees: Anja Bossen, Andreas Doerne, Sebastian Herbst, Ulrich Rademacher, Peter Röbke, Wolfgang Rüdiger


Practicing & Making Music deals with aspects of instrumental and singing lessons, elementary music education and early musical education. The focus is on instrumental and vocal didactic questions. Each issue is dedicated to a current topic in instrumental or vocal pedagogy. In addition, the magazine currently contains the sections “Practice”, “Source” and “Report” as well as an extensive review section. Since 2013, the magazine has included the supplement "musikschule)) DIREKT" with information and tips for musicians and music teachers in the fields of law, insurance, professional studies and marketing, the content of which is also available online. In cooperation with " Jugend musiziert " an annual bonus CD has been produced for subscribers since 1999, which contains recordings of the respective prize winners of the national competition "Jugend musiziert" as well as a database with the literature lists "Jugend musiziert". In addition, there are special editions “practice & make music special” on instrumental pedagogical key issues and the book series “practice & make music - texts on instrumental education”. The titles of the 1993 editions up to the current edition are available online on the publisher's website.

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