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.org is a generic top-level domain administered by the Public Interest Registry (PIR for short). It is one of the original top-level domains created on January 1, 1985 , and was then intended for non-commercial organizations that did not fall into any of the other generic top-level domains.

In addition to its originally intended purpose, the top-level domain is often used by free software projects such as Linux , Firefox , Chromium and numerous other open source programs. Since there are no special restrictions on the assignment, any natural or legal person can register an .org domain. In total, an .org domain can have a maximum length of 1 to 63 characters, and umlauts can be used.

.org is one of the top-level domains with the most addresses. In July 2012, the number of registered domains reached ten million for the first time. Almost 60 percent of all owners are based in the USA . In September 2017, 10.36 million domains were registered.

In 2019, it was decided to sell the Public Interest Registry (PIR), a subsidiary of the non-profit Internet Society (ISOC), for US $ 1.135 billion to the newly founded investment company Ethos Capital . Several non-governmental organizations protested against it. Access Now called for an investigation by the US Congress , as this sale represents "the disclosure of one of the last 'civil rooms' on the net". The ICANN blocked the sale because of unacceptable uncertainties (Engl. Unacceptable uncertainty) about the future of top-level domain.

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