122mm Howitzer M1938 (M-30)

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122mm Howitzer M1938 (M-30)

The 122-mm howitzer M1938 (M-30) ( Russian 122-мм гаубица обр. 1938 г. (М-30) ) was a Soviet average field howitzer with a caliber of 121.92 mm, during the Second World War used has been. It was designed in 1938, the chief designer in charge was FF Petrov . A total of 19266 copies were made. The 122mm howitzer M1938 was a Red Army designation and the M-30 was another equivalent designation from the manufacturer, Uralmash Zavod No. 9 (Works No. 9).

Technical specifications

122 mm howitzer M1938
General properties
classification medium division howitzer
Chief designer Fyodor Fyodorovich Petrov
Name of the manufacturer M-30
Manufacturer Sawod No. 9 (Works No. 9, Russian Завод №9) - 18,766 pieces, Zavod
imeni Stalina No. 92 (Stalin-Werk Nr. 92, Russian Завод №92 имени Сталина) - 500 pieces
Length with limber 8600 mm
Length without limber 5900 mm
width 1975 mm
height 1820 mm
Weight in firing position 2360-2500 kg
Weight in driving position 2900-3100 kg
team 8 men (gun leader, two gunner, five loaders and ammunition shooters)
Years of construction 1940-1947
number of pieces 19266
caliber 121.92 mm
Pipe length 2800 mm (L / 22.7)
Tube length (drawn barrel) 2278 mm (L / 18.7)
Height of the line of fire 1200 mm
Fire dates
Elevation range −3 ° to + 63.3 °
Side straightening area 49 °
Maximum range 11,800 m
Maximum muzzle velocity 515 m / s
fire rate 5-6 rounds / min
Ground clearance 330-357 mm
Top speed of towing 50 km / h


The M 1938 was captured in large numbers by the Wehrmacht during the German attack on the Soviet Union and put into service under the German name heavy field howitzer 396 (r) (r for Russian). The gun was used in particular on the Atlantic Wall , but also in divisions on the Eastern Front. The German side later started with the reconstruction of the ammunition.

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