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@mediasres is a weekday radio show on Deutschlandfunk that has existed since March 20, 2017 and is the successor to the weekly show Markt und Medien, which started in 1993 . The media magazine deals critically, self-critically, informatively and entertainingly and - according to its own objectives - fairly and without prejudice with journalism , innovations in the media, media politics , media economy , media concentration, media education, press freedom and media law as well as program monitoring and investigative phenomena in the media landscape at home. and abroad.

It lets editors of a regional newspaper read out and comment on tomorrow's headlines every day . Regular columnists are: Silke Burmester , Marina Weisband and Matthias Dell (until December 2017 also Christian Ulmen ). Recurring elements are the short sections "Three questions for ...", in which people from the media world say what they think is being reported too much and what is too little, and "Sixty seconds for ...", in which the program has one minute airtime on the topic Media given away.


Deutschlandfunk was one of the public service providers who had given the topic of media its own slot since April 3, 1993 with the program “Markt und Medien”. Corrections and corrections at Deutschlandfunk have not only been mentioned on request for a long time. The media magazine, mostly moderated by Andreas Stopp , was broadcast on Saturdays from 5:05 p.m. and in the initial phase also accompanied the privately financed radio that was developing at the time. After 24 years and more than 1200 programs, the program was discontinued in March 2017 and instead the new weekday afternoon magazine from 3:35 p.m. was established. The new media program was named “@mediasres”, based on in medias res and was directed by Stefan Koldehoff , who also designed it , until November 2018 . On December 1, 2018, Bettina Schmieding took over the management. Like its predecessor, the program is also available as a podcast and has its own portal on the Deutschlandfunk website. In the Friday edition, which is ten minutes shorter, listeners have the opportunity to express and discuss their opinions on important media topics live and without pre-selection.

Goal setting

The program, which Deutschlandfunk's cultural director Matthias Gierth launched at the end of 2016, is about contributing to the formation of an independent opinion with transparent information about the content and structures of the media world and thus, in accordance with the State Treaty of Deutschlandfunk, listeners to political action to empower. It sees itself neither as an advertising platform for the programs of the Deutschlandradio nor the public broadcasting, whose work is monitored just as critically as that of the private media. In addition to reports, articles and discussions, journalistic forms also include opinion contributions, personalized columns and glosses and comments as well as entertaining elements. You want to inform, but not instruct.

editorial staff

An editorial team in which, in addition to a permanent editor, twelve freelancers work in teams that change on a daily basis, compiles the content for the website, digital output channels and the linear broadcast in parallel. The moderators are, in addition to the editor in charge, Bettina Schmieding: Antje Allroggen, Brigitte Baetz , Michael Borgers, Stefan Fries, Henning Hübert, Bettina Köster, Christoph Sterz, Isabelle Klein and Sebastian Wellendorf .


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