ARBÖ Gebrüder Weiss-Oberndorfer / 2012 season

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This article lists the successes and riders of the ARBÖ Gebrüder Weiss-Oberndorfer cycling team in the 2012 season .

Disposals - additions

Accesses Team 2011 Departures Team 2012
AustriaAustria Matthias Wieneroither RC ARBÖ Gourmetfein Catfish GermanyGermany Florian Bissinger Team Vorarlberg
Korea SouthSouth Korea Seon Ho Park Seoul Cycling Team AustriaAustria Stefan Probst Unknown
GermanyGermany Tobias Erler Tabriz Petrochemical Team AustriaAustria Christoph Taubel Unknown
Korea SouthSouth Korea Gyung Gu Jang Seoul Cycling (2009) GermanyGermany Victor Ulzen Unknown
AustriaAustria René Bauer Neoprofi AustriaAustria René Bauer (until July 31) Unknown
AustriaAustria Alexander Dürager Neoprofi AustriaAustria Christoph Gerstlohner * (until July 31) Unknown
GermanyGermany Benjamin Edmüller Neoprofi AustriaAustria Thomas Hasibeder (until July 31) Unknown
AustriaAustria Michael Gogl Neoprofi AustriaAustria Stefan Matzner * (until July 31) Unknown
AustriaAustria Stefan Matzner Neoprofi AustriaAustria Ulrich Öhlböck * (until July 31) Unknown
AustriaAustria Ulrich Öhlböck Neoprofi AustriaAustria Rupert Probst * (until July 31) Unknown
AustriaAustria Alexander Schrangl Neoprofi


Surname birthday nationality
Alexander Dürager November 27, 1984 AustriaAustria Austria
Benjamin Edmüller August 8, 1987 GermanyGermany Germany
Tobias Erler 17th May 1979 GermanyGermany Germany
Michael Gogl 4th November 1993 AustriaAustria Austria
Philipp Groemer January 29, 1991 AustriaAustria Austria
Gyung Gu Jang May 29, 1990 Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea
Jakub Kratochvíla August 26, 1988 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Petr Lechner March 14, 1984 Czech RepublicCzech Republic Czech Republic
Seon Ho Park March 15, 1984 Korea SouthSouth Korea South Korea
Christian Pavitschitz September 24, 1983 AustriaAustria Austria
Lars Pria January 31, 1983 RomaniaRomania Romania
Lukas Ranacher August 25, 1992 AustriaAustria Austria
Daniel Reiter July 13, 1991 AustriaAustria Austria
Philip Schinagl August 9, 1991 AustriaAustria Austria
Alexander Schrangl May 10, 1985 AustriaAustria Austria
Stefan Stadler October 15, 1986 AustriaAustria Austria
Matthias Wieneroither May 7, 1991 AustriaAustria Austria
Trainees nationality
Benedikt Kendler GermanyGermany Germany

* The riders Christoph Gerstlohner, Stefan Matzner, Ulrich Öhlböck and Rupert Probst were not registered with the UCI as racing cyclists for the Continental team for the 2012 season.

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