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Acanthastrea sp.

Acanthastrea sp.

Trunk : Cnidarians (Cnidaria)
Class : Flower animals (anthozoa)
Subclass : Hexacorallia
Order : Hard corals (Scleractinia)
Family : Mussidae
Genre : Acanthastrea
Scientific name
Milne-Edwards & Haime , 1848

Acanthastrea is a genus of hard corals (Scleractinia). It occurs in the Red Sea and in the tropical Indo-Pacific north to Japan and east to the central South Pacific.


Acanthastrea forms massive colonies that can grow flat and crusty or dome-shaped. Acanthastrea colonies are similar to those of the hard coral family Faviidae or those of the genus Blastomussa . The corallites are cerioid or subplocoid, that is, they stand alone, close to each other or with a small distance and have a polygonal (polygonal) or approximately round shape. Each corallite is separated from the neighboring coralite by a calcareous outer wall. The septa of the coralites are sharply toothed. Acanthastrea colonies can be brownish, yellowish, red, or greenish.



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