Adolf Jarisch senior

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Adolf Jarisch senior , (born February 15, 1850 in Vienna , † March 20, 1902 in Graz ) was an Austrian physician .

As a dermatologist, Adolf Jarisch was the first assistant to Ferdinand von Hebra (1816–1880), who set up the world's first dermatological clinic in Vienna. Adolf Jarisch was an excellent theorist and therapist and put chemistry and histology at the service of dermatology. In 1888 he became an associate professor of dermatology in Innsbruck and in 1892 he became a full professor in Graz. Along with Karl Herxheimer he discovered (1861-1942), the Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction in syphilis - therapy .

Jarisch died of a typhoid fever. He is buried in the St. Leonhard Cemetery in Graz . His son Adolf Jarisch junior (1891–1965) was also an international doctor.


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