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Adolf Siegl

Adolf Johann Oskar Siegl (born August 29, 1908 in Teplitz-Schönau , † 1999 in Herne ) was a German chemist. He came to historical importance as a chronicler of Prague student life.


Siegl attended the secondary school in Teplice. He was active in a Pennal Corps and fought cuff masters . After graduating from high school, he studied natural sciences at the Karl Ferdinand University in Prague . Like Fritz Mussehl , he was accepted into the Corps Frankonia Prague in 1929 . Siegl was promoted to Dr. rer. nat. PhD. After being a research assistant at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen , he worked for various fuel technology companies, including Siemens . He was married to Maria Agnes Siegl born in 1939. Oberfohren. During the Second World War he served in a grenadier regiment and at the school of the Nebeltruppe in Celle. As a consulting chemist with a staff in the West, he became a US prisoner of war. After his discharge, he worked as a chemist at Rhein-Elbe-Bergbau AG from 1946 . Long before retirement, he began writing about student life at Prague University.

"A student life full of baroque romanticism had blossomed here, as it was nowhere to be found in this century of ours, despite Marburg and Tübingen, despite Heidelberg and Jena."

- Adolf Siegl

Most of the articles appeared in Einst und Jetzt , the yearbook of the Society for Corps Student History Research .


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