Ageladas of Argos (5th century BC)

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Ageladas of Argos ( Greek Άγελάδας Ageládas ), also "Ageladas of Argos", "Hageladas", was a Greek sculptor of the 5th century BC. BC, * in Argos and around 475-430 BC Active in the Peloponnese and all over Greece.

Ageladas is considered to be the main master of the Peloponnesian school of sculpture. We know that he created works for Aegion , Delphi, and the sanctuary of Zeus on the Ithome . Furthermore, works are known that represented Heracles and a muse , but also statues of honor for the winners in sporting competitions and groups of riders and teams of four. He is considered the teacher of Polyklet , Phidias and Myron .

Despite his great fame, none of his works of art seem to have survived as a Roman marble copy.