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Alfons Fedor Cohn (born April 12, 1878 in Berlin ; died January 24, 1933 there ) (pseudonym Olof F. Anders) was a German journalist, writer and civil servant.

Live and act

Cohn was a son of the businessman Leo Cohn and his wife Rosa. As a young man, he settled in Berlin as a writer: After writing mainly book reviews and smaller pieces in his early years, Cohn finally focused his work on the translation of works by Scandinavian authors, for whom he had a particular preference. Another author whose work he translated into German was Pierre-Joseph Proudhon . As a journalist, Cohn was a representative for the Vossische Zeitung in Copenhagen from 1914 to 1919 . Around 1910 he also participated in the founding of the writers' protection association.

During the First World War , Cohn, who was regarded as a special expert on German-Nordic relations, worked for the Ambassador Brockdorff-Rantzau in Scandinavia. After the war, he joined the press department of the Reich government. In this he was assigned successively in Division IV / Eastern Europe and Division A5 / Scandinavia. After his promotion to the government council on August 31, 1928 he was entrusted with the task of press secretary for the Scandinavian countries and Holland. Cohn, who lived in Berlin-Halensee at the time, dedicated himself to collecting and archiving books and magazines during the Weimar period.

Cohn's grave is in the Jewish cemetery in Berlin-Weißensee .


Working as an author

  • “Achim von Arnim as a Berlin tenant”, in: Berliner Tageblatt of June 25, 1909, pp. 1-3.
  • The new Paris. Comedy in three acts , 1910.
  • “Swedish-German romance. A memory of the century. Malla Montgomery and Bettina von Arnim ”, in: Walter Georgi (Ed.): German-Nordic Yearbook for Cultural Exchange and Folklore 1926 , Jena 1926 pp. 55–65.
  • “Stefan George. For today's 60th birthday of the poet ”, in: Entertainment and Knowledge , supplement to Vorwärts from July 12, 1928.

Working as an editor

  • Alfons Fedor Cohn (ed.): Wilhelm von Burgsdorff: Letters to Brinkman, Henriette v. Finckenstein, Wilhelm v. Humboldt, Rahel, Friedrich Tieck, Ludwig Tieck and Wiesel , Berlin: B. Behr's Verlag, ("German literary monuments of the 18th and 19th centuries, Volume 139") 1907.

Working as a translator

  • Karl Halfdan Eduard Larsen: Germany's national militarism and other things , 1915, E. Reiss (Berlin).
  • PJ Proudhon: What is property? - First memorandum. Investigations into the origin and the foundations of law and rule , 1896. Original title: »Qu'est-ce que la proprieté où research on the principle of droit et du governement. Premier Mémoire. «Paris, quoted by Fedor Alfons Cohn, foreword by the translator, VII-IX, 1840. Verlag Monte Verita, Vienna, ISBN 3-900434-30-1 .
  • Sigfrid Siwertz: Back from Babylon. Roman , Otto Quitzow Verlag Lübeck, 1927.
  • Helmer Key: coffee, sugar and bananas. A trip to Cuba and Guatemala . A. d. Swedish v. Alfons Fedor Cohn. Munich, Three Masks, 1929.
  • Karl Larsen: Professor Bédier and the diaries of German soldiers. , Reimer Publishing 1915.
  • Steen Steensen Blicher: Selected short stories in two volumes , Verlag Berlin SW 48.


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