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Allgemeine Deutsche Gärtner-Zeitung , also known as the Allgemeine Deutsche Gärtnerzeitung , was, according to one of its changing subtitles, the “ union magazine of the General German Gardeners Association (based in Berlin ) and the Association of Gardeners Austria (based in Vienna )”.

The paper, which was also published for various predecessor organizations such as clubs and associations , appeared in 39 years from 1891 to 1929. Initially it served as a specialist training paper under the editor Paul Abraham until 1898, but has since taken on more and more of a free trade union character, edited by Otto Albrecht (1898 to 1904 and 1905 to 1919) and by Wilhelm Jansson (1904 to 1905).

In 1910 the sheet, which was published by Hansen in Berlin , had a print run of 6,500 copies.

After the gardeners ' union was merged into the general association of employees in public companies and the movement of people and goods , the journal Die Unions, edited by Emil Dittmer from 1930, became the follow-up publication and general mouthpiece of the general association for the then larger group of employees.


The Gärtnerei-Fachblatt, also published in Berlin from 1910 to 1935, was published as a supplement . Illustrated trade journal for progress in all areas of gardening .

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