Old Westerhof Office

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Westerhof castle and village around 1650, after an engraving by M. Merian

The Old Office Westerhof , or also called Old Office for short , describes the area of ​​the municipality and the villages that belong to the municipality of Kalefeld . The seat of the office with the bailiff used to be in Westerhof Castle , which later became a domain . The office had administrative and jurisdiction over all villages and residents that belonged to the district.


Gravestone of Johann Carl Conrad Wedemeyer (1750–1812) " Amtsmann zu Westerhof" found during excavations at the Church of St. Alexandri

Since the Westerhof office, in contrast to the new offices established by the Duchy of Braunschweig-Lüneburg , was already established by the Hildesheim bishops in 1302, Westerhof is a so-called "old office". It was one of the 23 offices that until Hildesheimer pin feud in the years 1519-1523 to the Bishopric of Hildesheim belonged. In addition to the localities that today belong to the municipality of Kalefeld and thus to the "Old Office", a map from 1643 also included the localities of Ahlshausen , Sievershausen , Harriehausen , Willensen and Marke.

The Westerhof office existed until 1859, when the Westerhof office was dissolved and merged with the Osterode office through the 2nd royal Hanoverian administrative and territorial reform . Until 1977 the old Westerhof office belonged to the office and later to the district of Osterode am Harz until it was incorporated into the district of Northeim on August 1, 1977 . On March 1, 1974, the formerly independent villages were merged to form the municipality of Kalefeld.



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