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The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is an American professional organization founded in 1931 with headquarters in College Park , Maryland .

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The AIP has presented the Science Writing Award annually since 1968 to scientists and journalists who have made outstanding contributions to the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Well-known award winners are the scientists Kip Thorne (1969, 1994), Steven Weinberg (1977), Heinz Pagels (1982), Abraham Pais (1983), Martin Rees (1996), Leonard Susskind (1998), John Archibald Wheeler (1999), Charles H. Townes (2000), Lawrence Krauss (2002), Simon Singh (2006) and James Trefil (2007) as well as the science authors Martin Gardner (1983), Richard Preston (1988) and KC Cole (1996).

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