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Andrei Mitrofanovich Kischewatow ( Russian Андрей Митрофанович Кижеватов * August 7 jul. / 20th August  1907 greg. In Seliksa , Ujesd Gorodishche , Penza province , today Kischewatowo Rajon Bessonowka , Oblast Pensa ; † the end of June 1941 in Brest (Belarus) ) was the commanding officer of the 9th Border Guard of the 17th Brest Border Guard Department of the NKVD and stationed in the Brest Fortress . At the end of June 1941 he was one of the defenders of the fortress against the German troops. Rank: Lieutenant of the Border Guard . Special Awards: Hero of the Soviet Union ( 1965 ).


Kischewatow belonged to the Mokscha people and came from a peasant family. Since 1929 he served in the Red Army , since 1932 as a temporary soldier with the border troops in the Belarusian border district. Since 1939 he was a member of the CPSU (B) .

In 1939 Andrei Kischewatow got the rank of sub-lieutenant. On July 17, 1940, he became the commanding officer of the 9th Border Guard of the 17th Brest Border Guard Department and lived with his family on the grounds of the Brest Fortress. On February 25, 1941, he received the next rank: Lieutenant.

On June 22, 1941, he took over the leadership first over the defense group, which has gathered in buildings of the 9th Border Guard. The border guard buildings were under heavy artillery fire, which is why the defenders had retired to the barracks of the 333rd Rifle Regiment and near the Terespoler gate. After a week of defense, the decision was made to break out of the cauldron. The seriously wounded Lieutenant Kischewatow and 17 other wounded fortress defenders stayed to cover the backs of those who escaped. To this day, no details about his death are known.

In the summer of 1942 , Andrei Kishevatov's entire family: mother Kishevatova, Anastassija Ivanovna, wife Kishevatova, Yekaterina Ivanovna, daughters Anna (1927) and Galina (1940), son Ivan (1931) were executed in the village of Velikorita.

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