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The Andrology (from ancient Greek ἀνήρ Aner , Gen. ἀνδρός Andros , "man" and λόγος lógos "teaching" [see also -logie ], or about "Men Customer") is a specialized field of medicine that deals with the reproductive functions of the man and their Disruptions deals. Andrology is the male equivalent of gynecology .

Andrology is an interdisciplinary field in which endocrinologists, human geneticists , urologists, dermatologists, sexual and reproductive medicine and, if necessary, many other specialists such as microbiologists , virologists , oncologists , etc. work together.

The German Medical Association has allowed the additional designation andrology for specialists in dermatology , endocrinology and urology after appropriate training certificates . The German Society for Andrology currently has almost 400 members. She is a member of the Working Group of Scientific Medical Societies ( AWMF ).


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