Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum

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The Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum (AHC) - International Journal for Council History Research is a specialist journal devoted to research into ecumenical and particular councils from the beginnings of the Church to the present day. It appears in two issues a year with a total of 480 pages. In addition to the articles and contributions, the AHC publishes reviews and a bibliography that is currently being compiled by Ansgar Frenken (Ulm).

The AHC was founded by a non-denominational group of scientists under the direction of Walter Brandmüller ; for the first year (1969), along with Brandmüller, Remigius Bäumer was responsible as editor . Hubert Jedin and Stephan Kuttner were on the scientific advisory board until their death . The magazine has been published by Ferdinand Schöningh since 1971 . The articles are in English, Italian, French and Spanish language published. After Walter Brandmüller left, Johannes Grohe has been the editor of the AHC since 2010 . The scientific advisory board is currently composed of Peter Bruns (Bamberg), Evangelos Chrysos (Athens), Thomas Prügl (Vienna), Brian Tierney (Ithaca-NY), Boris Ulianich (Naples) and Peter Wirth (Munich).

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