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Johannes Grohe (2018)

Johannes Grohe (born March 7, 1954 in Trier ) is a German Catholic theologian and historian .


After graduating from the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Gymnasium, Johannes Grohe studied history and education at the universities of Bonn and Aachen (1978 state examination in Aachen) as well as philosophy and theology in Rome , Pamplona and Augsburg (1981 licentiate in theology in Pamplona) , 1988 Dr. theol. In Augsburg with the work: "Overcoming the Western Schism for the area of ​​the Crown of Aragón as reflected in the conciliar activity 1418–1429").

In 1980 Johannes Grohe was ordained a priest for the Opus Dei prelature . In the years 1981–1985 and 1886–1987 he was a research assistant at the Chair for Church History of the Middle Ages and Modern Era at the University of Augsburg (Chair: Walter Brandmüller ), 1985–1986 scholarship from the Free State of Bavaria (scholarship according to the law for the promotion of scientific and young artistic talent). Since the beginning of his studies in Augsburg, Grohe has participated in the research project "Council History" initiated by Walter Brandmüller, with study visits to archives and libraries in Spain and participation in international symposia on the history of councils.

From 1994 he was editor and later editor of the international journal for council history research " Annuarium Historiae Conciliorum " (AHC), founded by Walter Brandmüller and Remigius Bäumer and published by Ferdinand Schöningh , whose editor he has been since 2008 (since 2016 with Thomas Prügl , Vienna) is. From 1993 to 1997 he was a high school teacher for the Catholic religion at the girls' high school in Jülich . Since 1997 Grohe has been Professor of Medieval Church History at the Pontifical University of Santa Croce in Rome, where he was director of the Dipartimento di Storia della Chiesa from 1998–2005. His teaching and research interests are medieval church history and council history. Johannes Grohe has been a member of the board of directors since 2010, and has been Vice Director of the Roman Institute of the Görres Society since 2012 . He teaches at the Roman universities of Pontificia Università Gregoriana and Pontificia Università S. Tommaso d'Aquino .

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