Ansgard of Burgundy

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Ansgard of Burgundy (* 826 ; † 880 ) was the first wife of King Ludwig II of West Franconia .

She was born the daughter of Hardouin of Burgundy. At the age of 36, she secretly married the only 16-year-old King Ludwig II of West Franconia in 862. The marriage took place against the will of Ludwig's father, Emperor Karl II , who wanted to marry his son to Adelheid von Friuli .

Emperor Karl had his son's marriage annulled by the Pope and in February 878 Ludwig married Adelheid of Friuli. At that time, Ludwig already had five children from his first marriage. Ansgard was cast out. However, the second marriage lasted only a short time, as Ludwig died a year later. Ansgard then tried to have their divorce reversed by the Archbishop of Reims and to legalize their sons so that they should succeed their father. However, Queen Adelheid was also pregnant and gave birth to a son after the death of her husband. Adelheid was accused of adultery by Ansgard and her sons, the difficult process dragged on for years and so Ludwig III. and Karlmann II follow their father as kings, but both died after short reigns without heirs. Adelheid was acquitted, her son was legitimized and named Karl III. crowned.

What became of Ansgard is not known. The exact date of death and the place of the burial are unknown.


  • Ludwig III. (863-883)
  • Gisela († 884) ∞ Robert Count of Troyes
  • Charles II (867-884)
  • Hildegard
  • Ermentrud (also Irmentrud , * 875)
predecessor Office Successor
Richildis from Provence Queen of West Franconia
Adelheid of Friuli