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Karl Alexander Ernst von Bila (born July 10, 1784 in Hainrode ; † December 30, 1846 there ) was a Prussian major general and landowner in Hainrode.



Karl came from the Thuringian nobility of the von Bila family . He was the son of the later Prussian major general Karl Anton von Bila (1741-1820) and his wife Wilhelmine Auguste, née von Bomsdorff, widowed von Buchholz.

Military career

In 1794 Karl was employed as a private corporal in the Fusilier Battalion No. 2 of the Prussian Army , of which his father was in command. His further career was closely linked to that of his father. With him acted since October 17, 1805 as Second Lieutenant and General Adjutant. In the 1806 campaign, Bila took part in the battles near Spandau and Waren. He was taken prisoner in the fighting near Lübeck. After the defeat of Prussia and the peace of Tilsit , he said goodbye at the end of 1807 and lived for the next few years on his father's estate in Hainrode.

After the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig , Bila was reactivated and from the end of December 1813 employed as a captain in the 3rd Elb Landwehr Infantry Regiment. He took part with his regiment during the campaign in 1814/15 in the siege of Longway and the battle near Rodemacher. On May 2, 1815, he was transferred to the 4th Elb Landwehr Infantry Regiment and promoted to Major on March 8, 1816 . From April 5, 1818 to January 25, 1833, Bila was in the 32nd Infantry Regiment and then came to the 28th Infantry Regiment as a battalion commander . As a lieutenant colonel , Bilay was entrusted with the command of the 39th Infantry Regiment on March 30, 1833 and was finally promoted to the rank of colonel a year later. For his many years of service, Bila received the Red Eagle Order IV class on October 17, 1836 . On March 18, 1841, Bila took his leave with the statutory pension , conferring the character of major general.


Bila was married several times. In 1808 he married Karoline Wilhelmine von Froreich (born June 7, 1789 in Gardelegen ; † January 17, 1809 in Hainrode). After her death, Bila married Henriette Karoline Ulrike von Griesheim in Pöthen in 1809 (* May 7, 1791 in Leipzig ; † November 3, 1817 in Wesnig). His third marriage was on May 17, 1819 in Erfurt with Friederike Charlotte Ernestine von Kahlden (* May 17, 1800, † March 30, 1872 in Dresden ). The following children emerged from the three marriages:

  • Else Wilhelmine (born December 26, 1808 in Hainrode; † May 14, 1885)
  • Karl Johann Adolf Alexander Thilo (born November 10, 1810 in Hainrode, † October 8, 1854 in Magdeburg)
  • Thilo Alexander Karl (born October 5, 1816 in Hainrode; † January 11, 1841 in Cologne ), Prussian Second Lieutenant in the 28th Infantry Regiment ⚭ Agathe von Knebel-Döneritz (born May 28, 1825 in Friedrichsdorf near Woldenberg; † May 9 1880 in Neumarkt Silesia)
  • Konstantia Sophie Wilhelmine Helene (born June 1, 1820 in Erfurt; † June 15, ibid.)
  • Blanka Sophie Helene (born November 25, 1824 in Cologne; November 28, 1885 in Dresden)
  • Alexander Ernst Hardegen (born June 18, 1828 in Cologne; † April 6, 1902 in Stiege), farmer ⚭ 1862 Melanie Robert (born June 10, 1844 in Ermsleben; † March 18, 1908 in Stiege)
  • Hugo Alexander Thilo (born November 29, 1830 in Cologne)
  • Johanna Karoline Sophie Auguste (born September 1, 1832 in Cologne) ⚭ NN Brehme
  • Friederike Dorothea Sophie Wilhelmine (born November 21, 1834 in Luxembourg; † October 12, 1911 in Cammin)


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