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Ermentrud (* probably around 870/875) was a daughter of the West Franconian King Ludwig the Stammler from his first marriage, the marriage with Ansgard of Burgundy . She was the sister of the later kings Ludwig III. and Karlmann and the half-sister of King Charles the Simple .

Almost nothing is known about Ermentrud's life; it does not appear in contemporary sources. Their meaning is only of one of the 11th century coming Tabula Genealogica the Carolingian through which they as great-grandmother of Empress Cunegonde of Luxembourg is shown, demonstrating again Kunigunde descent from the Carolingian.

From this information it follows that Ermentrud was married without anything being known about the husband, the wedding is assumed around 888. Ermentrud had a daughter from this marriage (siblings are not reported), who was also called Kunigunde (* 888/895, † after 923), and who was married to the later Count Palatine Wigerich in her first marriage , and in her second marriage to Count Richwin von Verdun .

Hlawitschka suspects Reginar Langhals to be Ermentrud's husband, which in turn would have the consequence that Ermentrud died "probably around 892", since Reginar's (second) marriage is attested, that with Albrada, from which the later Duke Giselbert of Lorraine emerged . However, this assumption is controversial, especially among those historians who see Giselbert as the third husband of Ermentrud's daughter Kunigunde and thus have to rule out a close relationship between Giselbert and Kunigunde (half-siblings with the same father).


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