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The generic term apostolic letters refers to the written pronouncements of the Popes ( Latin : [Documenta] Summi Pontifices ), especially those that are not specifically identified as legal acts such as the Apostolic Constitution , Decree , Papal Bull or Motu proprio or as teaching letters in the form of an encyclical to be published.

  • The apostolic letter in the narrower sense is the Exhortatio apostolica, a non-circular letter of instruction. In a broader sense, apostolic letters such as Lettera and Breve can also be referred to as apostolic letters.
  • When popes choose the less solemn Apostolic Exhortation instead of an encyclical differs according to the incumbent's personal opinion.
  • The Popes Leo XIII. (80), Pius XI. (30) and Pius XII. (41) wrote mainly encyclicals. From Paul VI. There are seven encyclicals, ten apostolic letters and twenty other letters, which are referred to as "Lettera", as well as countless formal briefs, personal letters and handwritings from various occasions.
  • In addition to 14 encyclicals, Pope John Paul II wrote a number of so-called "Post-Synodal Apostolic Letters", for example following a synod of bishops , and other papal teaching letters .
  • Pope Benedict XVI published four "Post-Synodal Apostolic Letters" after the five Synods of Bishops during his pontificate. (After the New Evangelization Synod of 2012, there was no more publication because Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy. His successor then wrote Evangelii Gaudium, the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation.)

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