Femoral artery

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Femoral artery
Schematic representation of the arteries of the thigh

The arteria femoralis (thigh artery) is the continuation of the arteria iliaca externa, the artery supplying the leg . Just below the inguinal ligament, it gives off the roughly equally strong arteria profunda femoris , which bends downwards and provides the main supply for the thigh . In domestic animals, the deep femoral artery already emerges from the external iliac artery. The femoral artery itself remains relatively superficial and continues straight towards the lower leg .

Human anatomy

The femoral artery passes under the inguinal ligament together with the femoral vein . They pull through the lacuna vasorum , which is bounded by the inguinal ligament ( ligamentum inguinale ), the pecten ossis pubis with the ligamentum pectineum and the arcus pectineus . The femoral nerve does not follow the course of the artery here, but passes through the lacuna musculorum with the iliopsoas muscle . It then lies first on the pectineus muscle ( iliopectinea fossa ), then on the adductor longus muscle , then on the adductor magnus muscle in the adductor canal , covered in front by the vastus medialis muscle . Through a gap in the broad tendon of the adductor magnus muscle ( hiatus adductorius ) it comes into the hollow of the knee , where it is called the popliteal artery .

In its course, the femoral artery gives off the following branches:

Pet anatomy

In domestic mammals, the femoral artery runs from the lacuna vasorum over the thigh gap to the hollow of the knee .

It releases the following branches:

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